Committed to clean energy, Heengy Energy keeps exploring application scenarios of wind power, photovoltaic (PV) power and other new energy power sources, and embraces future-ready smart grids with a far-sighted vision. The company boosts the value of the energy storage industry to build recyclable, integrated energy systems, and implements smart operation and maintenance to manage project assets efficiently. It also actively works on strategies to reduce carbon emissions, offers full-cycle solutions to carbon management, and works with its partners to enable environmentally friendly and integrated development.
Heengy Energy gets involved in the development of new energy projects, energy storage, operation and maintenance, among others, and builds integrated net-zero carbon emission solutions for power generation scenarios. It aims to integrate new energy with social development by offering diverse and innovative services in the new energy segment.
Enable deep integration of new energy with social development
Create and share the energy value linking to the future
A resource driver and scenario explorer in new energy
Customer Centricity
Respond to issues raised by the customers with positivity, promptness, and quick solutions
Look into customers\' needs and take actions beyond their expectations
Resonate with customers\' visions and goals, keep attentive to their pain points, provide cost-effective services, and maximize their benefits
Keep Innovating
Keep improving ourselves, stay curious, keep learning, and rise to new challenges and difficulties at work
Embrace a forward-thinking and adventurous mindset to come up with new methods and ideas
Not to be conservative and self-absorbed, brave the challenges, and actively seek changes and go beyond
Resilience and Responsibilities
Practice the first-inquiry accountability system, say no to “don’t know”, be responsive to customer demands, and be a closed loop thinker in management to ensure all inquiries receive positive feedback
Fulfill our own responsibilities to the utmost, take initiative when the responsibility boundary is not clear, never to find excuses or pass the buck
Stay resilient to difficulties and setbacks and play a positive role in teamwork
Result-oriented Attitude
Set challenging goals, figure out ways to success instead of making difficulties as excuses
Believe in the ultimate success, make plans meticulously, and take firm actions until the goals are achieved.
Respect rules, know what to trade off, and be subordinated to overall interest.
Openness and Win-Win Cooperation
Stay modest and receptive, and understand each other
Build up trust, be ready to share, and be good at integrating available resources and strengths.
Keep a "platform mindset", take risks and share benefits with partners, and enable each other to succeed.
In the first phase, six projects were listed among major city-level infrastructure construction projects in Zhangjiakou, and three among major infrastructure construction projects in Hebei Province.
The company efficiently designed and implemented the source-grid-load-storage integrated carbon neutrality demonstration project in batches and phases. The project was listed among the major infrastructure construction projects in Hebei Province. At the same time, the company continued to pool senior specialists to build up a professional team.
Heengy Energy was founded in Beijing. At its inception, Heengy Energy convened experienced teams from the new energy power industry in a very short time and dived right into the advancement of projects, achieving solid and effective milestone results.